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Interested but not sure where to begin, or have questions? You found the right place!


What is Eluine Cycle?

Eluine Cycle is a forum dedicated to roleplaying – that is, collaborative storytelling where people take the perspective and control of imaginary characters and describe what they do and how they interact with other people's characters. The setting we in which we play is inspired by that of a fantasy book series by Jacqueline Carey called Kushiel's Legacy. Roleplaying is a creative and fun pastime and can take many shapes; here it is free-form, which means we don't roll dice or have a system of rules like a board game to dictate our range of actions – just our imaginations!

Eluine Cycle is also a community where people interact outside of roleplaying, or out of character. We like to chat and hang out, and get to know each other and make real friendships.

Beginner's Guide

I haven't read the books but I like the sound of this place.
- You're welcome to join and start learning about the setting. Nothing will get you acclimated faster than reading the books, though!

I've never roleplayed...
- But you're interested? No worries! No experience required and no skill besides having an imagination and interest in telling a story needed. As per our Community Code, we're not here to be critiqued on our creativity or writing prowess; we're here to have fun, explore our ideas, and express ourselves.

How is it done?
- We roleplay here on the forum by alternating posts. Usually, someone starts a thread setting the scene, describing the location and what's going on, including what their character is doing. Then another person posts and describes their character's entrance, and what their character does and how they react to the first character. The first person can then post describing what their character then does. Sometimes more people join in too. Everyone takes turns posting until they feel the scene has reached a conclusion. Once you have an account, you'll be able to see threads and get an even clearer picture, but that's pretty much the gist of it!

How do I make an account?
- Start by clicking "Register" in the navigation box to the left and choose the option that corresponds to your date of birth. Note: This agreement specifies age 13 and up, but you must be 18 or older to view or participate on this forum due to this forum containing adult content.

Adult content? You mean this is a porn site?
- Some players write erotica on this site. It's not the main purpose of Eluine Cycle but it is a welcome part of our creative writing endeavors, as it was in JC's novels. It's completely optional, and threads with adult or otherwise objectionable content are clearly marked.

The agreement says no obscene material...
- It says no illegal obscene material. If erotica isn't illegal in your country, you're good to go. (Can you buy a romance novel at the bookstore? You're good.)

Okay, I agreed to the terms. Now how do I fill out this form?
- Your username will be what you use to log in and what your character's name appears as.
- We ask that you provide your out-of-character name, nickname, or online handle so that we know what to call the player behind the character.
- If you have questions, join chat and someone will be glad to help you.

I can't remember how to spell Shahrizai or otherwise don't know the answer to a challenge question!
- Try Shahrizai for the family name, Alcuin for the pupil, Kushiel for the eyen, or Elua for the saint. :)

It says my account requires activation.
- An admin will activate your account shortly. You can join chat and let us know you registered to have your account activated even sooner. If there seems to be a delay longer than 24 hours, join chat and an admin will help you.

I have an account and I logged in! Now what?
- Now, if you haven't already, would be a good time to read the entirety of the Rules & Guidelines forum. All members are expected to abide by the rules and guidelines contained therein.
- Next, you should post a new thread in the Introductions forum so we can get to know you!
- Feel free to participate in the Out of Character section while making your character. You will not be able to post in-character until you have an approved biography.
- And if you haven't joined chat yet, you should do that too and say hi!

My character has to be approved? That sounds intimidating, if not condescending. I don't really want to be judged.
- I hear you. Rest assured that there is only the barest minimum criteria on which approval is based, and it's only to ensure peace, never to enact someone else's preferences or particular interpretation of the setting. We mean it when we say acceptance is one of our core values. Read the Setting Definitions & Limits thread for yourself and see how basic and common-sensical the approval guidelines really are. Most bios are approved on the first pass, and if any questions are asked, it's usually to ensure that characters intending to belong to established families or establishments have coordinated appropriately with relevant players.

I need help making a character. I'm not sure what to do.
- Once you've read all the rules and guidelines, which include the Setting Definitions & Limits thread and the Creating Characters thread, the next best thing, and undoubtedly most fun thing, to do is... chat with other players! You can bounce ideas off anyone and collaborate to create pre-existing history and relationships with other characters. Try the Plotting forum, or the chat to brainstorm with other players.

Awesome, I want to play an adept or maybe a Cassiline!
- You certainly can if you want, but the most restrictive roles tend to be the hardest to play. That is, Cassilines basically only follow their wards around, and adepts tend to wait for people to visit their House and arrange an assignation. You might want to consider a role with more agency, like a commoner, artisan, merchant, or peer of the realm. Certainly, characters with less agency can be successful too, but time and experience have shown that it's really hard to get started with one such. Keep that in mind when creating your starting characters.

Okie, I wrote up my character. How do I get him/her approved?
- Submit a new thread in the Biographies subforum. It will go into the approval queue. After review by an admin or mod, it will be approved and became visible to everyone. If the admins/mods have any questions about your character before approval, they will reach out to you.

I'm approved! How do I go about playing?
- Once approved, you can post anywhere in the In Character section. Where would your character start out? What would he/she be doing? Let your imagination take over and start writing!
- Review the Posting Etiquette thread for more information on how to post.

How do I see what's going on?
- Check out the navigation bar at the left where it says "Threads: Active / Unread / Own / Bookmarks / Search" (only visible if you're logged in). The "Active" link will show the most recent threads that have been posted in, from latest to oldest – the best way to see what everyone's up to. "Unread" will show you just the threads you haven't clicked on yet, from latest to oldest. "Own" will show you those threads you've started or posted in – convenient for keeping track of ongoing roleplay or discussions you're involved in. You can "Bookmark" threads to store them for future reference. And "Search" will of course let you find threads about whatever you specify if you're looking for something specific.

How do I get to know other players?
- You guessed it – join chat! It's the best way to hang out with other people out-of-character. Keep scrolling to find a guide to how the chat works. On the forum there's also the Out of Character section including the General forum where you can chat about whatever you like.

I want to make more than one character.
- You can start out with three characters, and make new ones at the rate of one additional per month of membership. After three months of membership, no limit applies. Register a new account and submit a new biography to make another character. Take note, there's a handy account linking option in the user control panel you can use to switch rapidly between accounts!

Something's wrong with my account or I have a question about the forum or community that's not covered here.
- Reach out to an admin via PM or join chat so we can help you out. Questions will help improve this FAQ, too. :)

Eluine Chat

We have a Discord server we use for online text-based chat. It's a place where we talk about our roleplay, help new people learn their way around the site, and just hang out and enjoy one another's company. Discord is also capable of voice chat, but by default it's just a text chat unless you choose a voice channel on the server. You can access our Discord server via the "Webchat" link in the navigation box to the left. You can download the desktop client if you want at, and there is also a mobile-device client so you can chat on the go!

Chat commands
  • To change the notification settings (sounds/indicators when people talk), click the drop-down arrow in the upper left by the server name, Eluine Cycle.
  • To change your profile settings or to log out, click the gear icon in the bottom-left by your handle. (The log out button is the box with the left-pointing arrow at the bottom of the settings window.)
  • To message someone privately, click their name.
  • To change your nickname, type /nick <nickname> ... such as /nick Mer_AFK
  • To do an action, put *asterisks* around your words ... such as *waves hello*
  • If you accidentally join a voice channel, click the telephone handset icon in the bottom-left to leave.

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