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Setting Definition

Our setting follows that of the second trilogy by three or so generations and is an "alternate universe" that does not match up to the events of the third trilogy. Events and characters from the time between the end of the second trilogy and the end of the third are completely subject to change. Information revealed about the world in the third trilogy is considered canon, but the characters and events described therein are not.

By this time, all the characters from the original two trilogies have passed on into the true Terre d'Ange that lies beyond. Their lives have faded into legend that, while never to be forgotten, is not so relevant to everyday life.

Chronologically, our setting occurs somewhere around seventy-five years after the end of the second trilogy or about a decade before main events of the the third trilogy were to begin, prior to the discovery of Terra Nova. The current year is 1487, reckoned from the birth of Yeshua, which is approximately analogous to the same year in real history for reference purposes.


Acceptance and collaboration are the qualities to which we aspire, with the understanding that our setting has a definition and a bare minimum of limitations to ensure an enjoyable experience can be had by anyone looking for a Kushiel's Legacy inspired free-form roleplaying community.

New characters must be approved by an admin or mod to begin play, but there are only three possible concerns:
  • If a character seems beyond the realm of possibility either for a mortal or for the setting, a more reasonable approach will be encouraged – an issue experienced roleplayers will rarely run into.
  • If a new character is very similar to an existing character either from the original canon or one that is already on the board, the player will be encouraged to make the character distinct and special.
  • Players may have already claimed certain families or establishments, and to introduce a character belonging to a claimed family or establishment, it must be coordinated with the already-claiming player(s).

To explain: First, it should be evident that we cleave to the original canon of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy, so there can be no vampires, aliens, time travelers, or Sailor Moon running around in our City of Elua. We don't think those things are inherently bad; crossover stories can be amazing, right? That's just not what we're doing here in this corner of the internet.

Besides cleaving to the original canon, we also encourage players to create original, fallible characters with storylines that shine in their own right. It should be noted that in a free-form system, no character can be more powerful than any other character without consent. That said, interest can be added by deliberately creating a weaker character: a servant instead of a noble; a peer whose house has fallen on hard times; an adept not so intelligent but plenty lusty; a priest less graced by good looks than good insight; a rich merchant whose wares are against the law; and the like.

If you want to do something unprecedented, so long as you have an explanation for how your character came into existence or gets away with what they do, the community will happily collaborate with you and work it into our setting. Of course, "normal" characters are good too – every country needs its tavernkeepers, minor nobles, guardsmen, petty criminals, et cetera... and they tend to stand out when there are less of them around!

It's also your right to be able to opt out of storylines in which you don't have an interest. Hopefully you would want to participate in a suggested new plot, but no one should feel forced into anything; therefore, necessarily, the scope of individual players' influence on the setting must be limited. In a nutshell, no wielding the Book of Raziel to level the City of Elua.

See the Creating Characters thread for more guidance on making characters, including details of our system for claiming families and establishments.

  • Keep in mind flaws as well as virtues when creating a character.
  • No superhuman or magical powers that would be out of place in the original canon.
  • Those defined in the original canon are to be used considerately:
    • Angelic traits (D'Angelines): Permitted at the subtle degree established in the books – an excellent green thumb; a gift for healing practices; seeing others' "fault lines" (with permission of the targeted character's player); etc.
    • The dromonde (Tsingani), true dreams (Albans), and visions of the future (Maghuin Dhonn): Permitted when used with a light touch. You must ask other players what the power would say or reveal about their characters, unless the player gives consent that you may decide what the power says or reveals about them. General revelations about the future that would put restrictions on the setting at large are not permitted.
    • Calling the twilight (Maghuin Dhonn): Permitted when the exhausting cost of its use is effected.
    • Otherwise unspecified powers that were not deeply explored in the original canon, such as Skaldic witchcraft, may be used with appropriate restraint and respect for the balance of the setting.
  • Specifically not permitted: reincarnations of original canon characters; angelic or godly intervention; or god-touched characters, such as true anguissettes (those deliberately marked for greatness by Kushiel).
  • Powerful story elements such as wars, holy artifacts, major demons, or mythical creatures may be used as a "MacGuffin" in storylines – pursued but never able to be put into effect – or, if used, must be something which players can choose to opt out of (i.e. no leveling the City of Elua).

Hopefully it's evident, but it's worth reiterating that these considerations are to promote understanding amongst everyone and keep the peace, and no more. By its very nature a roleplaying community based around an existing work is fan fictional and thus takes liberties with the source material, and we welcome that. Here, as long as the source material and the other players are respected, any place a player wants to go from there is lovely to us. We do not attempt to maintain any sort of prohibitive "quality control" or direct the tone of the stories that emerge.

So no vampires or blowing up the Palace... But a woman fighting for the right to enter the Cassiline Brotherhood; a person of a different nationality getting adopted into the Night Court; a grassroots revolution to change the government to a democracy; why not? Everybody has more fun when instead of finding reasons why it couldn't work, we find reasons it can.

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