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 Post subject: Posting Etiquette
PostPosted: May 25th, 2013, 2:21 pm 
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Writing Style

The forum does not adhere to a particular writing style. This does not only apply to formatting but also to point of view, tense, and voice. You may write in the first or third person; in past or present tense; and in any voice you like, should dialogue be kept reasonably period-appropriate.

As for formatting, as long as the meaning is clear, you may use whatever style you prefer. Some examples:

“I know,” I responded wryly. With a sigh, I picked up the wine.
“I know.” She sighed and picked up the wine.
*wryly* I know. *sighs and picks up the wine*

Lastly, everyone will be grateful if you make an effort to utilize correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but we know those things aren't everyone's forte.

Dating Threads

As in time and date, not romance. :) You may set a thread on any date, but please consider not choosing a date beyond the present day – the real month and day plus in-game year (currently: 1486) – to avoid limiting your options.

There is a lot of potential for errors and paradoxes when setting threads at different times or playing in multiple threads at once, so it is recommended you bookmark or otherwise keep a record of your character's timeline so that you can keep straight where your character was at what time, when they did things, and when they learned things. If errors occur, be prepared to correct or work around them.

Subject Line

When posting, please include the following information in the subject line: title of thread; date of events contained within (please use month names instead of numerals for ease of reading; year only necessary if not the current year); open/closed status; and applicable content tags as defined in the Content & Membership Restrictions thread. You may also include a call-out to a particular character if desired, which means you wish for that character to participate. Examples:

Running Away / March 18 / Open
  • This thread is open to anyone.

Valor on the Battlefield, open, June 5 (VG)
  • This thread is open for anyone to participate and contains graphic violence.

A dark night... (Anna, Open) Feb 28
  • This thread is open to anyone but is particularly aimed at Anna.

Rise and shine (Jan 11) (Natalie) [E]
  • This thread is aimed at Natalie, and contains erotica.

Dec. 21, 1479 – Letter to the Duchese – Closed
  • This thread is closed and there should be no replies by anyone other than the original poster. It also takes place several years ago.


We're not here to be judged by our writing prowess; we're here to express ourselves and explore new characters and stories. If you are interested in critique, state so, and should you be asked for critique, ensure that it is both constructive and encouraging. If you're not asked for critique, assume it's unnecessary.


Make it a priority to respond in a timely manner when your character is present in an active thread, but it's understood that sometimes real life gets in the way. If after five days a response is not given, the other player(s) involved may determine a reasonable explanation or conclusion to the scene.

Writer's block can be an issue – but remember that a short, uninspired post so others can extricate themselves from the scene is better than nothing and shows consideration for your fellow players.

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