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PostPosted: May 25th, 2013, 1:30 pm 
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Creating characters is half the fun. The first thing is to think about is that there are many different roles in society. Not all of them have the same opportunity to interact with others – Cassilines will always need to be with their their wards, and adepts may find it difficult to find reasons to be outside their House. But don't worry, you can have multiple characters!

No rank or class is forbidden except, obviously, those already taken of which there cannot be more than one (e.g. the Queen). You may play a Prince or Princess of the Blood; a Tsingani; a Dowayne of the Night Court; an honorable Chevalier; a member of a Great House; a common footsoldier; the Royal Fleet Admiral; or a chambermaid if you like. You do not have to work your way up from a starting position – you can jump right in as a full-fledged Servant of Naamah, or start as an initiate and play your debut later.

  • You may begin play with three characters, and create more at the rate of one additional with each month of membership. After three months, no limit applies.
  • A character's sex does not have to correlate to the player's sex.
  • You must respect the wishes of players in existing families or establishments to add characters to those families or establishments. See the Relations & Associates section.
  • The admins will know the player of every character, but feel free to be mysterious to other players if you like. However, the fun of being mysterious usually reaches an end and becomes a drag instead, so please consider a time for a "secret" character to be outed.
  • New characters must be approved by an admin or mod before they will become active. See the Setting Definition & Limits thread for the very basic criteria for approval.

To create a new character, register an account and post a biography in the Biographies subforum. After approval, the thread will become visible to all, permissions will be upgraded, and the character will be ready for play. If the admins have any questions about your character, they will reach out to you.

Biography Threads

Character biography threads may be used to showcase your character however you please. You can format it however you like – add pictures, keep a timeline, do updates about your character over time, or whatever else.

Here is a template from which you can start. Feel free to customize to suit. Please ensure you provide any information that another player will need to interact with your character, such as appearance and publicly known history.








Please use the "Title" field found in your profile to indicate the strata of society into which your character would be known or understood to fall. Titles can be customized however you like; here are some starting places.

  • Adding a nationality to indicate a character from outside Terre d'Ange (e.g. Alban Prince, Skaldic Mercenary)
  • Adding a qualifier of some kind (e.g. Apprentice Blacksmith, Junior Sailor)
  • Adding a relevant specification to your title (e.g. Duc of Siovale, Priestess of Naamah)
  • Combining titles for those characters who qualify for more than one (e.g. Tsingani Merchant, Captain/Peer of the Realm)
  • Coming up with an appropriate title not otherwise listed (e.g. Skaldic Thane, Pirate)

  • Vagrant (Feel free to specify – thief; beggar; urchin; bandit; pickpocket; etc.)
  • Commoner (Feel free to specify – farmer; tavernkeeper; maid; stablehand; goatherd; etc.)
  • Artisan/Craftsman (Feel free to specify – tailor; baker; woodworker; painter; poet; tanner; player (actor); blacksmith; etc.)
  • Merchant (Feel free to specify – spice trader, jeweler, horse breeder, etc.)
  • Mercenary
  • Didikani
  • Tsingani
  • Tseroman
  • Tsingan Kralis
  • Yeshuite
  • Mendacant
Night Court:
  • Initiate
  • Adept
  • Dowayne
  • Acolyte
  • Priest/Priestess
  • Head Priest/Priestess
  • Cassiline Brother
  • Cassiline Prefect
  • Apostate Warden
  • Rector
Military – Army:
  • Guardsman
  • Soldier
  • Cavalryman
  • Company Captain
  • General
  • Commander
Military – Navy:
  • Sailor
  • Boatswain
  • Ship Captain
  • Admiral
Honorable Ranks:
  • Chevalier
  • Knight
  • King's/Queen's Poet
  • Peer of the Realm
  • Comte/Comtesse
  • Vicomte/Vicomtesse
  • Marquis/Marquise
  • Baron/Baronesse
  • Duc/Duchess
  • Prince/Princess
  • Dauphin/Dauphine
  • King/Queen

Relations & Associates

When creating a new character, you are welcome to approach existing characters' players to create preexisting ties and relationships. You must respect the wishes of players with characters in existing families or other establishments to add characters to those families or establishments. You are welcome to invent your own family, House, group, establishment, etc., of any kind. See the Families & Establishments subforum for existing families and establishments.

If you are looking for more ideas, or have questions about how to implement an idea, reach out to an admin, who will be happy to help you.

Temporary & Supplemental Characters

Besides main characters, there is often a need for characters which are transient, or which fill background or supportive needs. These types of characters are not full-fledged and do not need an account of their own.

Temporary characters are the transient roles such as the nameless drunkard who spills your ale or the unknown pickpocket who makes off with your purse, and can either be included in your own writing or briefly controlled by another player. If you'd like someone else to play a temporary character, feel free to make arrangements, such as by making a post in the Plotting forum with the details of the temporary character so that someone can volunteer to fill the role.

Supplemental characters are those that are somewhat more persistent, but do not take center stage like main characters do. They might be your character's parent or young child, the regular barkeep your character chats with from time to time, or the house doorman that everyone who comes to visit speaks to. They have a name, a basic history, and a basic personality, but their main purpose is just to flesh out the world the true characters live in; essentially, they do not act on their own. Supplemental characters can be described in the biography thread of the character they are supporting.

When playing a temporary or supplemental character opposite another player's character, you may utilize whatever account you like, and specify in your writing what character is present and what they are doing. You can even insert an image into your post like an avatar to represent them if you like. (Try the "left" formatting button!)

Killing Off, Shelving, and Transferring Characters

Characters may die in the course of storytelling. If a character dies as part of the story, his or her bio will remain active but marked as deceased, available for reference as part of the history of our setting. The account will remain at Member rank and may be used to roleplay backdated events before the character's death, but only in a supplemental fashion to enhance the story of characters that are carrying on.

Characters may also be shelved, where they fade from the spotlight to a permanently background status or disappear entirely. Shelving a character is at the player's discretion – sometimes a character just doesn't work out. The bio will be moved to the Shelved subforum and the account changed to Shelved rank, which may not post in character. Shelved characters may continue in an NPC (non-player character) status where their history remains canon and whose existence may be referenced by other characters, or they may be written out of play. Officially, shelved characters relinquish claimed family names, establishments, titles, and models.

Characters may be transferred to other players, if the character limit permits. If the account is transferred, please ensure all information is brought up to date (e-mail, player name, etc.). If a new account is to be created, the old one will be changed to Shelved rank. If a new bio is to be posted, the old one will be moved to the Shelved subforum.

Please let an admin know when any of the above is to occur.

Administrative Removal

A character whose player has left the community without indicating he or she will return will be shelved. Claimed family names, establishments, titles, and models will become open for other players' use. Past events featuring the character may or not remain acknowledged in play. The character may be reclaimed if the player returns, but any claims that have been adopted by others will not be restored.

A player may go on hiatus if needed; their characters' family names, establishments, titles, models, and history will be preserved as long as regular contact is kept.

Players that have been removed from the community forfeit their characters, family names, establishments, titles, models, and histories.

Avatars & Model Claim

You are not required to use a photorealistic avatar, but please do use one that represents your character's appearance. If a player is already using a model, real or fictional, for their character's avatar, please find a different model to use.

Please view the Model Claim subforum to see what models have been claimed.

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