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No unread posts City of Elua

The beautiful capital of Terre d'Ange which Elua loved the most.

Subforums: The Palace, Embassy District, Noble Residences, Elua's Square, Temple District, Mont Nuit, Night's Doorstep, Market District, Craftsmans' District, Artisans' District, Commoner Residences, City Academy, Academy of Occult Philosophy, Port of Elua, Tertius' Crossing, Travelers' District, City Gates



May 18th, 2018, 2:19 pm

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No unread posts Journal L' Étoile

The City of Elua's Local Newspaper



October 10th, 2017, 5:33 pm

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Terre d'Ange

No unread posts Azzalle Province

Its sovereign lands are held by House Trevalion, whose people are fierce and proud as Azza himself. Azzalle contains the city of Pointe de Soeurs, closest to the islands of the Three Sisters. Azzalle is the closest point between Terre D'Ange, and Alba and Eire. They are famous for their relationship to the sea and depend upon their waterways.

Subforums: City of Pointe de Soeurs, Duval Estate, The Fire Swamp, Wardes Estate



May 17th, 2018, 12:54 pm

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No unread posts Camlach Province

Camlach is the eastern province of Terre d'Ange bordering the territories of Skaldia to the east, Caerdicca Unitas to the southeast, and the Flatlands along the northeast. The martial angel Camael made this territory his home, and as such its people are known for being warlike and tough. The Camaeline Mountains cuts much of Camlach off from open land between themselves and Skaldia, with it's harsh climates and harsher winters offering natural protection from eastern invasion. Much of Camlach's resources come from mining in the Camaelines. The flora and fauna of the Mountains also gives them a near monopoly on the production of Joie, which come from a specific flower found in the Camaelines.

Subforums: Village of Aufoil, Central Garrison of the Unforgiven, Northfort Garrison of the Unforgiven, Southfort Garrison of the Unforgiven, Ferraut Estate, Longview Pass



January 9th, 2018, 3:22 pm

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No unread posts Eisande Province

Home to compassionate, open-minded folk, the southern coastal lands of Eisande are the province of Eisheth herself. Eisande is the most culturally diverse of the provinces, its capital city, Marsilikos, home to the active trading port that is the nation's gateway to other lands and peoples. Home to sailors, storytellers and merchants, Marsilikos is called the "Great Mother" of Terre D'Ange. This reverence inspires one of the province's most noted traditions, that being one of female governance. As long as Marsilikos stands, D'Angelines say, there must be a Lady of Marsilikos. Eisande is unified under a sole duchy that has been held by House Mereliot for centuries. Eisande is known for its lush fields, vineyards, and fishing. Eisande is known for its warm, dry climes and beautiful flora and fauna. One region in the province, under the control of the Rousse family, is also known as a rich source of ochre, the main source of red pigment. Finally, the busy trading port at Marsilikos attracts traders from far and wide, both from within Terre d'Ange and abroad. D'Angeline merchants are able to purchase foreign wares for resale throughout the country, providing D'Angelines with access to fine and exotic goods they would otherwise need go to much greater and more expensive lengths to obtain. At the same time, D'Angelines are able to export their own goods and make a tidy profit in the bargain.

Subforums: City of Marsilikos, Eisheth's Temple, Cecile Evard's Country Estate, Endriot le Mer



April 27th, 2018, 8:53 am

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No unread posts Kusheth Province

Covering the westernmost penninsula of Terre D'Ange, the harsh, rocky coastline and soft fertile territory of the Lusande valley makes Kusheth the perfect claim for the oft misunderstood Kushiel who claimed it. The first Courcel King chose House Morhban to grant sovereignty to, passing over House Shahrizai though they could claim a more direct cast from Kushiel himself. Sea trade is accessible to Kusheth nearly as much as it is for Azalle. The southern border touches L'Agnace. Namarre, and Siovale making Kusheth well connected to agricultural trade deeper within the nation. On the west it is the sea, and the prospect of trade with Aragonia, Caerdicca Unitas, and other nations that allows Kusheth to expand its coffers. The largest city in Kusheth is Caen, seated at the tip of the peninsula in the territory of Morhban. The Morhban fleet is kept there, and much of the Kusheline sea trade comes in and out of that city. Overlooking the City of Caen is the sea fortress Pointe d'Oeste, the Ducal seat for Kusheth for near the last thousand years, and the ancestral home of House Morhban.

Subforums: City of Caen, Pointe d'Oeste/Castle Morbhan, Great Temple of Kushiel, Ys Castle, De Serre Estate, Maignard Estate



May 6th, 2018, 12:26 am

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No unread posts L'Agnace Province

L'Agnace holds within its borders the City of Elua. Founded by Anael, it is known for its agriculture. Grapes, orchards and grazing lands are plentiful. Many prominent families maintain country estates here, with all of the pastimes traditionally practiced there, such as hunting and riding.

Subforums: Champs-de-Guerre, Royal Hunting Lodge, Germaine Estate, Jewell de Somerville's Estate, David d'Aiglemort's Hunting Cabin, Lafons Manor, Lanier de la Courcel's Estate, Comtesse Z'epheryne Mezieres's House, Rey et Francis Sanctuaire Animalier, Lombelon



April 28th, 2018, 5:52 pm

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No unread posts Namarre Province

Named for Naamah. Fruitful country and a land of rivers. Naamah's servants make a pilgrimage here at least once in their lifetimes. They are home to the largest of Naamah's temples, and are known for their wines, ample grazing and farming lands, and such beauty that many of the wealthiest families keep pleasure houses here. It is also home to the city of Troyes-le-Mont.

Subforums: Apostate Abbey, City of Troyes-Le-Mont, Naamah's Temple, Irlande Estate, Fhirze Estate, Rians Estate, Barthelme Estate



February 20th, 2018, 2:13 am

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No unread posts Siovale Province

Running the border of Aragonia, Siovale spans from the peaks of the Pyrénées and the Cévennes to the wide open spaces of the Camargue of the wild horses; from the Mediterranean coastline where La Serinissima fleets and Tiberium galleys make landfall, to the high plateau of the Causses. Siovale controls the D'Angeline side of the Pyrenees Mountains. Five major passes exist over those mountains, facilitating trade, mining and industry in the lower part of the nation. As its founder Shemhazai treasured knowledge, Siovale has a great tradition for learning holds the University at Angeloume. The Aragoinian architecture with its distinctive red and green painted woodwork are prominent in villages like Bayonne. Picturesque Saint-Jean-de-Luz - Terre'd D'Ange's premier tuna fishing port - mixes native buildings with both Aragonia and Carthage influences.

Subforums: City of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, University at Angeloume



December 3rd, 2014, 7:05 am

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The Rest of the World

No unread posts Alba

The capital is Bryn Gorrydum. The language is Cruithne. Their leader is called the Cruarch, the title passing matrilineally. Warriors were tattooed in blue woad in the past. The four major tribes in Alba and Eire are: the Red Bull; the White Mare (to which the Dalriada belong); the southern people of the Golden Hind; and the people of the Black Boar, the line of Cinhil Ru. The people of the Black Boar are considered by some the oldest race born to Mother Earth. {{Equivalent to England and Scotland.}}

Subforums: Bryn Gorrydum, Clunderry, Innisclan



May 5th, 2018, 5:17 pm

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No unread posts Aragonia

To the south of Terre D'Ange, they speak Aragonian. The crest of their royal house is a golden lion. {{Equivalent to Spain.}}

Subforums: Amilcar, New Carthage



February 21st, 2018, 7:34 pm

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No unread posts Bhodistan

It is here that Naamah slept with strangers to feed Elua. The Tsingani are also said to be from here originally. Their society is divided into very strict castes based on purity. Their language is Bhodistani. {{Equivalent to India.}}



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No unread posts Caerdicca Unitas

A coalition of loosely-allied city-states south of Terre d'Ange and Skaldia, they are former provinces of Tiberium. The religion centers around Asherat-of-the-Sea; a goddess of water and patron goddess of the city. Her temples are run by women and the Doge, ruler of La Serenissima and considered to be her husband, must pay respect to Asherat-of-the-Sea each year. Their language is Caerdicci. {{Equivalent to Italy.}}

Subforums: City of La Serenissima, City of Lucca, City of Milazza, City State of Tiberium



July 28th, 2017, 11:38 pm

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No unread posts Carthage

Carthage is an oligarchy ruled by the Council of Thirty. They worship the goddess Tanit and god Bal-Hammon who desires blood sacrifice- occasionally human. They speak Punic or Hellene. {{Equivalent to coast of modern Morroco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.}}



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No unread posts Ch'in

A land far east of Terre D'Ange. Their Emperor is also known as the Son of Heaven, and they follow the Mandate of Heaven. One of the main languages spoken is the Shuntian official language, known as the scholar's tongue, {{Equivalent to China}}

Subforums: Ludong City, Shuntian - The Imperial City



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No unread posts Cythera

Controlled by Kebel-Im-Akkad, its capitol is Paphos. It is ruled by a governor. They speak Hellene on this island, and believe Aphrodite dwelt there. Slaves are required to be paid a wage so they may buy their freedom in seven years, and castration is prohibited. {{Equivalent to Cyprus.}}

Subforum: City of Paphos



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No unread posts Drujan

The Mahrkagir now long dead, Drujani people have resumed worshiping Ahura Mazda {{based on Zoroastrianism}}. {{Equivalent to Azerbaijan, Georgia, parts of Northern Iran, and possibly parts of Southern Russia along the Caspian Sea.}}

Subforum: City of Darsanga



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No unread posts Eire

The people of Eire are ruled by the High King at Tea Muir. The court at Tea Muir has seven doors, and one's rank dictates through which door one enters. They speak Eiran. {{Equivalent of Ireland.}}

Subforum: Court of Tea Muir



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No unread posts Empire of the Sun

Ruled by an emperor. {{Equivalent of Japan.}}



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No unread posts Ephesium

East across the sea, north of Khebbel-im-Akkad. They foster trade with many nations. {{Equivalent to Turkey.}}



March 7th, 2016, 10:42 am

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No unread posts Euskerria

Aragonians saw Euskerria to be part of their country until granting them their independence in return for aiding repel the Carthaginian invasion; Terre d'Ange ceded some of their territory as well. Euskerri is spoken here. {{Equivalent to Basque country.}}



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No unread posts The Flatlands

North of Skaldia, they are mostly an agrarian, peaceful buffer zone between Terre D'Ange and Skaldia on the coast of the North Sea. They have been increasingly commercial since the way between Alba, Eire and Terre D'Ange has been opened. They speak Skaldic and D'Angeline. {{Equivalent to the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium.}}



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No unread posts Gotland

Gotland is the equivalent of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It borders Vralia by land and is across the Eastern Sea from Skaldia and The Flatlands.



December 20th, 2015, 5:38 pm

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No unread posts Hellas

South of Illyria, they speak Hellene, which is the language of trade and diplomacy there. {{Equivalent of Greece.}}

Subforum: Nicoli Estate (Dareia Vassos' Family)



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No unread posts Illyria

Stretching from Skaldia to Hellas along the coastline, they are known as sailors, pirates, and skilled horsemen. They speak Illyrian there. The nation is nearly an island, as it is completely surrounded by water except for a thin strip where it reaches the shore. {{Equivalent to the Slavic coastal regions including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Albania.}}

Subforum: City of Epidauro



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No unread posts Jebe-Barkal

By tradition, Jebe-Barkal is always ruled by a woman; though largely ceremonial, the tradition is taken especially seriously in the city of Meroë. Princes rule each province, however. They speak Jeb'ez. {{Equivalent to Ethiopia, plus some parts of Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti and southern Sudan.}}

Subforums: City of Meroë, Village of Debeho



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No unread posts Kebbel-Im-Akkad

The people are fierce and warlike. Women are kept segregated from men, and noblewomen must wear veils in public. The ruling family is House Shamabarsin, also known as the House of Ur. Many gods are worshipped, but the principal god is Shamash, the sun god. The native religion, akin to Zoroastrianism, is suppressed. The language spoken is Akkadian. {{Equivalent to the old Persian Empire.}}

Subforums: City of Nineveh, City of Tyre



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No unread posts Kriti

An island to the south of Hellas. Their culture was ancient even during Tiberium's rule. The nobility are known as the Scions of Minos (their legendary king). They speak Hellene here. {{Equivalent to Crete.}}

Subforums: City of Phaistos, The Temenos



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No unread posts Menekhet

Ruled by a pharaoh, it borders the Umaiyyat, Jebe-Barkal, and Carthage. Its capitol is Iskandria, located near where the Nahar River meets the sea. They speak Menekhetan and Hellene here. {{Equivalent to Egypt.}}

Subforums: City of Iskandria, City of Marjibara



July 3rd, 2014, 1:08 am

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No unread posts Saba

Rumoured to be the location of the lost tribe of Yisra'el, the language spoken here is Habiru. {{Equivalent to parts of modern Congo, Uganda, and Kenya.}}

Subforum: City of Tisaar



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No unread posts Skaldia

This country is east of Terre d'Ange and north of Caerdicca Unitas. Their religion includes worship of Odhinn the All-Father, Freja, and Baldur. Though they have no proper written language, they have a system of runes known as the futhark, taught to their people by Odhinn.
The Skaldi have an elaborate system of law, wherein the lord hears complaints twice a week; his judgments are final and unquestioned. The Skaldi keep (usually well treated) slaves. They speak Skaldic here. {{Equivalent to Germany.}}

Subforums: Maarten's Crossing, City of Norstock, Merigard Steading



October 16th, 2017, 3:38 pm

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No unread posts Tatar Territory

Mostly vast barren plains, populated by groups of nomadic people (Tatars). They speak Tatar. {{Equivalent to the vast expanse of the Mongol Empire.}}



February 17th, 2016, 5:00 pm

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No unread posts The Three Sisters Islands

Three islands located between Terre d'Ange and Alba off the coast of Kusheth. Previously ruled by the Master of the Straits for eight hundred years. The people on the islands speak an ancient form of D'Angeline. The islands are home to all sorts of treasures and items salvaged from shipwrecks throughout the Master of the Strait's reign.



January 19th, 2018, 2:10 am

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No unread posts The Umaiyyat

It borders Khebbel-im-Akkad and Menekhet. They speak Umaiyatti here. {{Equivalent to the Arabian Peninsula.}}



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No unread posts Vralia

Known as the Kingdom of Yeshua. There is a small Temple to Yeshua in Miroslas which marks the end of the known and civilized world between Vralia and Ch'in. They speak Habiru here. {{Equivalent to Russia.}}

Subforums: City of Miroslas, City of Tarkov, City of Vralgrad



December 4th, 2015, 6:44 am

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No unread posts Terra Nova

Subforum: Outpost of Fierte Du Soleil



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No unread posts The High Seas



December 3rd, 2015, 10:42 am

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No unread posts Non-Canon Locations

Subforum: Krim



June 17th, 2017, 10:14 pm

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No unread posts Events

Come one, come all! Events that are being held are to be found in here!

Subforums: Past Events, Spring Horse Fair of 1488



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